Residential Designs

We cater tailor-made residential designs for a wide range of spaces. Designs that are unique, vibrant and diverse in aesthetics.

We ensure maximum utilisation of natural light, for a more lively, healthy and sustainable environment.

Furnishings are designed and organised so that they are inclusive and comforting for all units of the family. From Contemporary to Vastushastra we master all design styles, styles that reflect your lifestyle.

Designs that add value, invite abundance and growth.

At the end of a tedious day, a home is a place which helps us revitalise, we help you build such rejuvenating spaces that stimulate positivity and growth in everyday life.

Residential Design

Commercial Design

Commercial Designs

Whether a concept-driven cafe or a minimalist office space, we help you design commercial spaces that speak volumes of your brand.

Office spaces are important shelters for entrepreneurial growth and to earn revenue.

We at Miteey guarantee a commercial design that is highly functional, smart and encouraging- vital for your business growth.

Along with strict attention to aesthetics and functionality, our designs guarantee safety - a vital virtue for commercial spaces. They idea is to inspire growth, encourage ideas and build business relations.

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